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Date Name Description Date
Reason Withdrawn Status
Apr 2013  Bulletin 61 Product Quality  FAME Update  Public
Jan 2013  Bulletin 58 Technical  Filter Monitor Vessels - Differential Pressure Switches  Members Only
Sep 2012  Bulletin 57 Product Quality  Biofuels  Public
Aug 2012  Bulletin 56 Operations  JIG Issue 11 - Amendments  Members Only
Aug 2012  Bulletin 56 – Attachment Operations  JIG Issue 11 - Table of changes  Members Only
Aug 2012  Bulletin 55 Technical  Filter Water Separators and Similarity  Members Only
Jul 2012  Bulletin 54 Common Process  CP 5.02 Stock Control Guidelines  Members Only
Jul 2012  Bulletin 53 Technical  Hydrant Pit Valves, Couplers and Wear Gauges  Members Only
Jul 2012  Bulletin 52 Technical  Filter Monitor Vessels - Flow Rates and dP Monitoring  Members Only
Jan 2012  Bulletin 49 Technical  6th Edition Filter Monitors  Members Only