The safe storage and delivery of aviation fuels is fundamental to the JIG Standards and this includes a requirement for a systematic approach to the management of all Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) issues.

JIG has drawn on industry best practice to develop the HSSE Management System Guidelines to assist Organisation’s with the development of their own Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Management System (HSSEMS).  An HSSEMS provides a systematic approach to help compliance with legal obligations, ensures that everyone in the Organisation knows the ‘right way of doing things‘ and provides a foundation for continually improving HSSE management.

The HSSE Management System (HSSEMS) Guidelines were launched in JIG Bulletin 32 and are freely available through this website to encourage adoption of an appropriate HSSEMS across the industry.

To assist with the continual improvement of HSSE management, JIG gathers lessons learned from incidents and significant near misses and shares them with the JIG community on a quarterly basis. This publication is known as ‘Learning from Incidents’ (LFIs) and is available as a slide presentation which can be shared at safety talks to encourage discussion on how to prevent incidents at a facility. The LFIs are also freely available from the HSSE Publications section of this website.

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